01. Our teacher has [extended] the due date for our essay by a week because so many people said they wouldn't be able to finish on time.
02. We asked our boss for a two-day [extension] to the project.
03. He has [extensive] experience working with troubled teenagers, and will be a great help in our project to help street kids get back on the right track.
04. The caves [extend] slightly over a mile under the ground.
05. The NHL playoffs will probably [extend] into the month of July this year.
06. It should be possible to [extend] the program to include foreign students.
07. The child had to spend [extended] periods with a special assistant to help him get over his reading difficulties.
08. Research shows that ESL students who read [extensively] score significantly higher on vocabulary tests than those who do not.
09. The new [extension] of the bicycle trail will allow users to cycle all the way from the downtown area to the suburbs.
10. Albert Schweitzer maintained that until man [extends] his circle of compassion to include all living things, he will not himself find peace.
11. The largest jellyfish in the world has tentacles that [extend] over half the length of a football field.
12. To a great [extent], women and men inhabit their own social worlds.
13. The tail of a comet can [extend] over 84 million miles, nearly the distance between the earth and the sun.
14. The Roman Colosseum was constructed around a concrete core, with an [extensive] system of stairways and halls to permit easy access.
15. A tsunami is a great wave, or series of waves that [extends] from the surface water to the sea floor.
16. Most Indonesians point by [extending] the thumb or hand, instead of a finger.
17. The period of time originally scheduled to complete the study has been [extended] from three months to six months.
18. [Extensive] records of Afghanistan's history begin in about 550 B.C.
19. The transportation system of Hungary is quite [extensive], and includes the oldest subway system on the European continent.
20. Laundry hung on bamboo poles [extending] from the windows of highrise apartments in Singapore has jokingly been described as the country's national flag.
21. Could I please speak to Martin Holmes please, [extension] 275?
22. Despite [extensive] research into the treatment and prevention of cold infections, no cure is imminent.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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